Hey there, fellow enthusiasts!

Congrats, you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet! I’m Borodar, the one-man army behind this blog and your whimsical adventurer in the quirky realms of software development (and gamedev in particular). My quest? To share the joy and occasional headaches of my explorations and discoveries in this wonderful land of code and pixels!

About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a devoted Unity enthusiast, who fell down the rabbit hole long time ago and can’t find the way out. I spend my days (and yes, a fair share of nights) immersed in this versatile engine, casting code spells in the arcane dialect of C#. When I’m not glued to my computer screen, I’m probably still thinking about coding and algorithms, or contemplating the mysteries of the universe (like, why does pizza taste better at 2 AM?).

Why Stick Around?

Asset Crafting Chronicles: As an Unity asset developer, I’m all about devising clever tools and tricks to simplify our digital endeavors. Get the inside scoop on my latest creations and how they can save your time (though sanity preservation is not guaranteed).

Code, Laugh, Repeat: Here, you’ll find a blend of expert tips, coding mishaps, and programming advices in an endless loop of learning and fun. Because a good mood is just as important as semicolons!

Art for the Non-Artsy: I create art, and by art, I mean anything that doesn’t resemble a potato. Join me on my efforts to make visually pleasing stuff. It will be a journey of color, creativity, and the occasional “WTF was I thinking?”

Join the Fun!

So, if you’re into game dev, bad jokes, and occasional genius insights, stick around. And remember: In the land of game development, a little bit of crazy goes a long way!